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    We are using 3D technology for planning and designing.


We provide comprehensive solutions for power plant & boiler equipment. We offer Basic Design & Detail Design in the field of Power Engineering.

Pressure parts of industrial boilers

Headers, Membrane walls, Bends of membrane walls, Heating tubes, Tubesheets, ...

Non-pressure parts of industrial boilers

Flue gas duct with Internal insulation
Flue gas duct with External insulation
Cold/Hot Air ducts, Recirculation...

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels acc. EN 13445, ČSN 690010, PED 2014/68/EU

Non-presssure vessels

Storage tanks, Water tanks, Silos, ...

Fuel cycle of industrial boilers

Powder piping, Screens, ...

Steel construction

Platforms, Piping bridges, Supporting frames, ...

Transport frames

Transport frames for ducts with internal insulation, ...


Some examples of realized projects.

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